The sgInteract module handles all the electronic communications with industry participants for a supplier

About sgInteract

sgInteract is your company’s window into the market. It sits at the core of the Seaglass suite of systems allowing you to send messages to, and receive messages from, other industry participants. The system has been designed to minimise the amount of manual input into market interactions. All data flows are handled electronically so there is no need to employ staff to create manual flows or copy data between systems. The event orchestration functionality allows complex processes involving multiple participants to be handled automatically, with manual input only required where there is a decision to be made. The system has been designed from the bottom up to interface with the DCC rather than having to interface through third party systems. This makes us well placed to face the challenges of faster switching.


  • All data flows are fully automated
  • Native communication with DCC – no need for third party adapters
  • Exception based process management
  • Single view of all data flows and the data contained in them
  • Accredited by MRASCo and Elexon


  • Electricity DTC and SVA data flows
  • Gas SPA, MAM, MRA and BISCUIT data flows
  • Smart DCC Messaging
  • PARMS submissions generation
  • Fully configurable process orchestration

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