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At Seaglass Cloud Technology we design, develop and integrate cloud-based software for the energy industry.

The industry we support

The UK energy industry is undergoing phenomenal change as we pave our way to the exciting future world of smart grids and renewable generation. The ever-increasing regulatory agenda to get these jobs done and protect consumers has necessitated huge IT changes.

With customers becoming increasing price, product and generation mix savvy, they want to see modern solutions that deliver clarity on this increasing complexity and still nail the basics – a clear contract journey and a correct bill!

How we can help

Having worked together throughout years (and in some cases decades) of industry change from disparate parts of the business, the opportunities that abound from having a clean slate at this moment were evident and compelling.

The technology is ready to enable a new way of working – flexibly and securely in the cloud – and for data to be architected in a way that can scale for smart metering and big data analytical tools.

The industry is ready to leave behind its legacy systems and the heavy burden of adapting them whilst ensuring that they deliver business as usual.

The commercial and renewable sectors have developed their own system requirements that we feel are not always being met by the systems available, which tend to have a domestic focus. 

Many new requirements are clear, and it has been exciting to build systems designed to satisfy these and take a fresh perspective on the core functionality that we have been expert users and builders of before.

We are also keen to offer an alternative to the Managed Service model and have designed our systems to take care of Industry functional essentials, whilst being highly configurable to a customers’ own business processes.

We believe that when Suppliers have this control over their own processes, they will be able to really differentiate themselves and develop the relationships that they strive for with their customers, as well as driving down cost to serve in this challenging commercial environment.

Our management team

Daniel Maitland

Managing Director

Daniel has nearly 30 years’ experience developing IT systems for the electricity and gas supply industry. He developed the retail systems for Enron Direct which were later used for many years by British Gas Business.

He was then one of the founders of Opus Energy and led the team which built their IT systems, developing many core systems himself. These systems went on to supply over 300,000 commercial customers and over 1 million domestic customers through white label arrangements.

In founding Seaglass Cloud Technology, Dan has established a clear model for how he wants a software company to run – with a dynamic approach to development and clear customer engagement in the solution.

Alex Sena

Product Director

Alex is both a developer who creates software solutions for the utility industry and an experienced IT Director managing development and infrastructure operations.

Alex has over 30 years’ experience in the banking, insurance and energy industries, most recently IT Director at Opus Energy where he has overseen the IT journey of a small start up to its eventual acquisition by Drax Group for £340m.

At Opus Alex developed innovative billing systems allowing Opus to be first to market with new products whilst keeping operational costs down.

Alex Troth

Commercial Director

Alex has spent over 20 years in the Industry at npower, Opus Energy and Corona Energy.

He has worked in Strategy, Sales, Corporate Pricing, Risk Management and energy efficiency – having established and run some of these departments.

During that time Alex has helped to bring new suppliers to market, provided strategic and technical advice and carried out system integration projects.

Nicola Cliff

Risk Director

Nicola has over 15 years of Industry experience, focusing on mathematical and technical solutions to complex problems.

As a Head of Risk at Opus Energy, she has worked extensively on Trading Systems, Forecasting, Risk Management tools and Product Development.

She worked alongside her teams to develop several in-house forecasting models (including energy demand, generation, weather exposure, pricing and financial inputs) and a Data Science function.

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