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Market Entry

At Seaglass we not only understand the technology, we understand the industry and critically the challenges faced by suppliers, especially at the point of market entry. We can help advise on the best strategy to accreditation, whether that is working with you to achieve it, or providing a pre-accredited supply company along with the Seaglass solution. Our background is in supply companies and we have been through many market entry processes. 


An end to end utility software solution is not a shrink-wrapped piece of software. We will help implement the solution and perform any integration with, and/or migration from, other systems. As part of the package we will help train the trainer and superusers. At point of go live you will have the full support of the system developers as well as a dedicated service manager.  


We understand that suppliers may have some of the modules in the Seaglass suite covered by other suppliers, with potentially differing contract end dates. We are happy to work with you to select the best modules and timescales for your transitions to Seaglass. If you later decide to build any components in house or otherwise move them away, we will work with the new solution provider to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. 

Ongoing Support

Our team of UK based developers are always available for support if needed. An ITIL based service management operation will track incidents and problems. Regular releases will provide defect fixes alongside new features. A named Service Manager will be allocated to your operation.  


Reporting often needs to straddle several systems and it can be problematic, especially for smaller operations, to provide comprehensive information instead relying on combining disparate pre-canned reports. Providing it is possible to access data from other systems, at Seaglass we can help you put together an enterprise-wide reporting solution.  

Continuous enhancement

At Seaglass we will continue to monitor the regulatory changes on the road ahead and ensure that our system is updated to enable compliance and to allow our customers to exploit new commercial opportunities. There will be regular meetings to discuss the upcoming changes planned and as an opportunity for you to input your ideas for potential future enhancements. Agreed updates will be delivered as part of the monthly rental plan with no additional costs.

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At Seaglass Cloud Technology we design, develop and integrate cloud-based software for the energy industry.

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