Conrad Energy is a leading UK energy company that generates, stores, buys, sells and manages energy for businesses nationally.

Their portfolio includes flexible generation, batteries, solar, wind and hydrogen and has the potential to generate 945MW of power making it the leading flexible energy provider in the country. This is optimised and operated in-house using their market-leading asset management software, iON+.

Entering the supply market in 2019, Conrad Energy carried out a competitive tender process to select their billing system provider. The flexibility and seamless nature of the Seaglass system, alongside the support and responsiveness offered by their in-house team really stood out.  It was also key that the chosen billing system provider had extensive experience in dealing with the complexity of the UK energy market, so the many years of industry expertise held by the Seaglass team was invaluable.

Conrad Energy’s focus is on harnessing technology to drive value, and it was vital that their partner was aligned with these business goals.  It was also critical that the software could integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, which Conrad Energy uses for customer-facing interactions.

Over the past two years, the integration of all the software tools has led to a completely automated take on process, from tender, hedging and through to registration. All of this is enabled by the ease of integration between Seaglass and Salesforce.  Conrad’s proprietary pricing engine in Salesforce is directly connected to Seaglass, and the minute the customer signs the contract, data is sent directly to the Seaglass API. This generates the correct data flows and sets up all the necessary billing information, meaning a customer can be fully onboarded in minutes.

“Seaglass has enabled our energy supply growth from day 1. They’ve supported us through the rigorous market entry process, always being responsive to our requirements. The team is incredibly helpful and helps us handle requests from customers and the regulator Ofgem.

The ease at which the product integrates with Salesforce has meant we’ve been able to automate every step of the customer process, from quoting, through to registration. It’s all handled in a matter of minutes with one true version of the data from end to end.  This reduces the likelihood of errors, drives efficiencies in the business and delivers a fantastic experience for our customers.

We’ve just been awarded a gas supply licence and we are excited to be working with Seaglass to build out this side of our business.”

Lee Priestley, Commercial Director, Conrad Energy