The sgSign module allows suppliers and brokers to simplify the quote to contract journey

About sgSign

sgSign is a portal into your system which encourages loyalty from your TPIs by making their lives easier and giving them controlled access to information. TPIs can upload or manually enter contracts with a minimum of effort and see the progress of contracts uploaded. Interfaces to PAF, ECOES and Xoserve ensure data quality and can fill in missing data. Credit agency interfaces perform instant credit checks using your specific criteria. With configuration input from you and permission-based access, TPIs can view their commissions due and understand why any have been clawed back without having to contact you. Where good quality data is provided and the customers are creditworthy, contracts can be registered and the commissions due calculated within seconds of a contract being uploaded.


  • Streamlines the contract entry process for TPIs – can go from contract upload to registration and commission calculation within seconds
  • Validation against industry APIs ensures data quality
  • You can see a real time view of commissions due and a forecast of future commissions due
  • Detailed reporting allows TPIs to see the status of each contract and what commission is due
  • Ease of use and reporting promotes TPI loyalty


  • TPI Portal
  • Contract upload and manual entry options available
  • Validation and data capture against PAF,
    ECOES and Xoserve APIs
  • Interfaces to credit check agencies
  • Automated commission calculation using supplier-defined structures

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