Systems designed
and built on industry

with modern technology and no legacy issues

Our entire Seaglass suite of systems has been designed for the UK energy industry of today and of the future.

We have placed smart functionality at the core, enabling everything to operate at half-hourly granularity and building our own DCC adaptor.

All products in the suite cover UK electricity and gas, both domestic and commercial.

The electricity functionality covers non half-hourly and half-hourly configurations, both for import and export meters.

The suite is designed to work seamlessly together as one, and in this way you really see the best of all that our integrated system can bring.

However, to give greater flexibility to our customers we have designed the system so that individual components can be configured to integrate with external systems; be that our customer’s own in-house systems or those of another system provider.

All products are cloud-based.


The sgInteract module handles all the electronic communications with industry participants for a supplier



The sgBill module provides suppliers with a comprehensive billing, payment, collection and debt reporting tool



The sgServe module provides suppliers with a tool to manage their customer interactions and industry processes



The sgPrice module provides suppliers with highly configurable, auditable and meter-specific prices



The sgRisk module provides suppliers with the tools to forecast throughput, revenue and profit for any meter



The sgSign module allows suppliers and brokers to simplify the quote to contract journey


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