The sgBill module provides suppliers with a comprehensive billing, payment, collection and debt reporting tool

About sgBill

sgBill is a powerful and versatile tool to guide your customer journeys from invoice to payment. It was designed with a clear objective: To allow you to bill anything, and bill everything! It supports complex tariff structures that are configurable to allow component updates and a choice of breakdowns to present to customers. These invoices can be generated at any level (meter, customer, account etc) to present a coherent and appropriate view. Once these details and the billing profiles are set up, invoicing should be a fully automated process. Any exceptions can flag with configurable alerts, as can any collection activities required by your debt collection processes. Your customers will be able to pay proactively and conveniently with direct debits or via payment portals. A combination of reads, forecast volumes and reconciliations can be used to invoice in arrears, in advance or via a payment plan.


  • The comprehensive scope for automatic invoicing enables lower unbilled rates
  • Debt reduction via sophisticated payment products, intelligent payment allocations and collection activities
  • Lower cost to serve with full end to end automation and lower infrastructure costs
  • Reduces risk by supporting all pricing and billing products via a single application
  • Consumption and revenue forecasts are updated in real time as consumption information arrives for speedy and predictable invoice calculations. This facilitates easy revenue accruals and point-in-time customer balances


  • Syncs via an API with its master CRM
  • Data output available for customer communication system, such as our built-in Comms Module, for electronic delivery of invoices and payment notifications
  • Designed for smart – all invoices billed to a half hourly level
  • Supports renewable customers and third parties with bi-directional billing allowing payments to flow to customers via self-billing
  • Allocates payments against invoices to maintain a customer account and an aged debt position for accurate financial reporting

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