The sgRisk module provides suppliers with the tools to forecast throughput, revenue and profit for any meter

About sgRisk

sgRisk is a powerful forecasting tool that enables you to ensure that your business can meet its energy supply commitments and that you can understand where your margin comes from. Real-time, meter point level forecasts of energy consumption, revenue and costs are updated each time a new data point (EAC/AQ/interval data) is received. Trades can be captured in a secure and auditable way to ensure you always have visibility of any unhedged position. Costs and settled volumes are allocated at meter point level so you can easily see mismatches between billed and settled volumes. Granular records of costs and revenues allow you to slice margin reports any way you wish and understand where your customer value lies.


  • Forecasts updated in real time – no need for lengthy batch processes
  • P&L reporting at meter point level – allows you to see where the value is in your portfolio and identify errors
  • Real time revenue assurance built into the system – allows settlement issues to be addressed immediately
  • Designed using cloud big data technologies to handle smart data volumes
  • Utilises machine learning technologies to improve forecasts


  • Forecasting of consumption, losses and generation volumes
  • Trade capture – stores details of executed trades
  • Revenue assurance – validates settlement reports and cost invoices
  • P&L Reporting – reports on actual and forecast revenue and costs
  • Accrual Reporting – details what to accrue for unrealised revenue and costs

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